The Firefly BlogMay 2022, Part II

May 24, 2022: travel buddies!

Summer is on its way, hopefully! Maybe you have plans with family or friends. Are you bringing your pet with you? If so, planning to travel with a pet requires more thought and planning than ever before. Plane, train or by car there are some requirements that you might need to follow to get to your destination. Let's review some of them below so later, you can spend more time packing the perfect outfits!


Over the last year, flying with a pet has become a bit more definedby the FAA, especiallyregarding what type of pet and their status. In January of 2021, the FAA changed its rules andpolicies about traveling with pets labeled service animals, ESA, and even non-ESA.

Dogs are now the only animal species considered service animals for the FAA, and ESA animals are no longer allowed on-board. Understanding the FAA rules are just the start of it. Airlines can decide their terms for allowing your pet on the plane. You will need to check your airline's website or call to discuss your travel plan with your pets. Do this as soon as possible to allow for time to get any forms in order if needed and make sure you have all the correct pet travel needs, such as a carrier.

If you are traveling overseas, you must visit the US Department of Agriculture to review the country's requirements for pet arrival. You will need to get a pet travel certificate or other forms from your vet, which will take time to fill out. When was your pet's last vet visit? If it's been awhile, your vaccines might not be current, which could delay the completion of your forms.Schedule an appointment ASAP, and let’s discuss your travel plans


When looking at hotels, opt for ones that note that are pet-friendly; even pet-friendly hotels have rules about your pet in the room.Most hotels will not allow you to leave your pet alone in the room for any amount of time. Make sure you have a plan not only for you, but for your pet. Look for local parks to visit.If you have friends or family in the area, maybe work out a plan with them to help watch your pet. You can even set up a sitter for your pet before you arrive. You want to have fun on your trip, and so does your pet—plan for them as well.


Like humans, pets can get car sick on long trips. Plan for multiple stops along the way to get some much-needed fresh air. If you know your pet gets car sick, you will want to reduce the amount of food you give them before heading out. Lowering the windows can also help and makes the ride more fun. Use caution when driving with the windows open. Ensure your pet is safe and secure with a harness plus seat belt combo. Make the trip comfortable by bringing items from home like toys and blankets.

If you need to stop along the way, never leave your pet alone in the car, especially on a hot day.Cars can get very hot, very fast, even with the windows down. The intense heat could cause heatstroke in your pet.


Packing for your pet is like packing for yourself; you want to ensure you have everything they need and want. Having familiar items from home can mean the difference between a happy pet or a stressed-out pet. Pack so that you don't have to worry about finding items to meet their needs while on your trip. Here are some basic and essential things to bring with you:

Don't forget your travel documents and a list of up-to-date vaccines. Make sure your pet's name tag information is up to date and legible. Last, ensure your microchip information is correct and your account is active. Should you and your pet get separated at the "spa," you'll know that you can be contacted immediately.

Traveling with a pet is fun and builds a core memory for you both. Remember that your pet's travel needs are just as important as yours.