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We deliver exceptional care
To pets of Chelsea NYC

Chelsea NYC is home sweet home to us, and we love being a part of this community. At Firefly Veterinary Hospital, we’re proud to contribute to the health and well-being of Chelsea’s pets by delivering quality care in our hospital, in pet parents’ homes, and even virtually. Plus, we utilize low-stress handling with Fear Free techniques and we’re a Cat Friendly Practice, meaning we have the training and the abilities to reduce anxiety in all of our patients. What’s more is our care doesn’t stop with our clients. We also support local shelters with low-cost treatments.


In addition to using Fear Free techniques with our feline patients, we take cat care to the next level. As a Cat Friendly Practice, we actually implemented cat-friendly techniques into our building’s design and layout to create a more welcoming environment for even the most finicky feline. Plus, our staff has undergone extra training in feline behavior so we can better assess their stress level and address it quickly with no fuss. Here are some ways we help cats to feel like the kings of the jungle:

  • Cat-only waiting room and exam rooms to reduce interaction with unfamiliar dogs and their smells
  • Time for your cat to adjust to their surroundings, and us, before we engage with them
  • Cat pheromone sprays like Feliway to help cats feel calm, cool, and collected from waiting room to exam room
  • Gentle handling that makes your kitty feel pampered rather than pestered

Our cat-friendly practices don’t just start and stop in our veterinary hospital! We can also offer solid advice for reducing your cat’s stress on your way to the hospital, too. Ask us about tips for getting your cat to the vet stress-free at your next visit, or call at (212) 243-3020!


Many of our vets and staff are Fear Free Certified Professionals meaning we know how to take the fear out of your pet’s vet visit. Cats and dogs can be understandably nervous in an unfamiliar setting, but with Fear Free techniques, we help them acclimate fast with little to no anxiety. We do this with several techniques including:

  • Addressing you first, before your pet, so that your pet has time to assess us and realize we are friend, not foe
  • Using pheromone sprays to induce a calming, stress-free environment
  • Low stress-handling that works with your pet’s movement instead of against it
  • Food motivation—because who doesn’t love a treat for being a good boy or girl?
  • Positive reinforcement to encourage cooperation


Firefly Veterinary Hospital believes that every pet life is precious, which is why we strive to make sure every pet in our neighborhood is given the chance to live their best life possible. We provide low-cost spays and neuters as well as cost-effective care to the following local organizations:

  • Muddy Paws Rescue – This non-profit rescue works to save the lives of dogs through foster-based care, advocacy, and community outreach.
  • Heart & Bones Rescue – Heart & Bones is a foster-based rescue that provides dogs with calm and secure environments as they wait for their forever families.
  • Animal Care Centers of NYC* – ACC of New York rescues provide care for and help find loving homes for thousands of cats, dogs, and rabbits.

*In addition to the medical care we provide to these rescues, we also provide free first exams to adopted pets from ACC! If you’ve recently adopted a cat or dog from ACC, make an appointment with us soon for a free exam!