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Pet Exams & Wellness Care in Chelsea

At Firefly Animal Hospital in Chelsea, we know that the human-animal bond is precious and deserves many wonderful years to grow. That’s why we emphasize annual pet exams that allow us to deliver better, more personalized medicine that keeps your companion healthy and happy for years to come. Cats and dogs hide signs of illness as part of their natural instinct, which makes it harder to detect problems until the disease is further advanced. With annual pet exams, we can detect illness before it has physical symptoms and treat your pet sooner rather than later.

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Taking the Fear Out of Pet Exams

We know that vet visits can be stressful for your pet — and stressful for you, too! At Firefly Veterinary Hospital, we are a Cat Friendly Practice and we utilize Fear Free techniques to take the stress out of vet visits and help your pet feel calm, safe, and comfortable.

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What to Expect at a Pet Exam

Nose-to-tail physical looking for any skin abnormalities like lumps and bumps

Listening to the heart and lungs

Checking eyes, ears, nose, and mouth

Annual blood work to detect underlying problems

Deworming (typical for puppies and kittens)

Vaccinations, if due for boosters

Heartworm and tick-borne disease screening

Parasite prevention prescription

Nutritional counseling, if needed

And more

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Our pet exams allow us to deliver highly personalized care to your best friend. Our vets take the time to go over your pet’s total health as well as answer all your questions.

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The Importance of Annual Bloodwork

One of the best ways to truly assess your pet’s health is with annual blood work. Blood work helps us with early detection of disease by measuring certain levels of the blood’s components (like glucose levels, proteins, and more). These numbers give us vital information about your pet’s internal health, allowing us to address any concerns immediately, instead of waiting for physical symptoms.

Our goal is to keep your pet in the best of health for years to come so you can enjoy their loving company for as long as possible — and blood work is one of our most important tools for doing just that!